About us

The Designer
Gold Pineapple Designs is the brainchild of Alisha Blechman, a native New Yorker who loves her city but is constantly tempted away by adventure.  After a successful career in business and supply chain management, Alisha decided to switch her focus to a long-time passion, jewelry design.  Her jewelry draws inspiration from the patterns around her - exciting colors and shapes, that walk the boundary between edgy and natural.

The Pineapples and the Jewelry
Jewelry is meant to be worn.  It reflects elements of your personality, and is often associated with a particular memory, time or feeling.  Jewelry is also meant to be shared and to inspire.  It can celebrate moments and lifetimes.  It can represent challenges, accomplishments and relationships.

Similarly, pineapples were once an expression of style that fostered community and celebration.  They were an adornment for the table used to mark special events shared with loved ones.  They are also bright, cheerful and fun to look at. 

Here at Gold Pineapple Designs we want every piece of our jewelry to represent something special to the wearer.  Whether it reminds them of a particular time in their lives, a special person, or just makes them feel a little more like themselves, we want it to be something they (you!) are excited to wear.  Everything is handmade with love and respect from recycled metal.


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