Practical Matters

The Practical Matters collection consists of jewelry that seeks to solve a problem. 

The Milk Ring series is a concept developed by Alisha to help breast-feeding mothers, by indicating which side a baby last nursed from. There are two ways to use the ring, either wear it on the hand of the side from which baby last nursed, or point the raised dot or line towards the side that baby nursed (or you last pumped). All of our Milk Rings are built for comfort, because new moms and babies are very sensitive! They are small and sit with a low-profile on your finger. Once a mother is no longer breast-feeding, they become beautiful family keepsakes.

The Sleep Series consists of earrings that can be slept in. It's not a secret that women accidentally fall asleep with their earrings on, only to wake up in the middle of the night with an earring post digging into their head. Our Sleep series earrings are designed with the express ability to be able to sleep with them on, without fear of piercing your skin every time you roll over at night. All the earrings employ simple lines so that they can easily match a variety of outfits and styles. So go ahead - wear them for a week straight, on purpose.